What’s makes a consultation worthwhile for your beauty enhancements

You’re a confident, intelligent person who knows what they want and you’ve done the research. Do you really need a consultation?

For most procedures here at Definition by Prameela, absolutely! A second opinion can be invaluable. Your skin, current skin care regimen, desired outcome, lifestyle, and medications are unique to you. A personalized consultation where these factors and others are considered will enable you to achieve the best looking and longest lasting results possible.

First, be prepared for a lot of questions as we need to find out what makes you one of a kind. So please get comfortable and help yourself to some refreshments from the assortment available as this is our opportunity to get to know each other better, and find out if we would like to collaborate on your project together. We’ll then move on to an examination to see if you’re a good candidate for the procedure, and your results will be discussed. These will then be factored in to determine the best way to proceed to create the look you want to achieve. We’ll also review the details of your procedure, sessions needed, contraindications, as well as pre- and post-care instructions for the longest lasting result possible. This is also the point at which a patch allergy test will be administered should it be necessary.

Before you schedule your procedure, you may still have additional concerns regarding consultations. Here are some common questions.

How will you understand exactly what I want?

Information is power! There are several pictures I would really appreciate, so feel free to bring those pictures along. The best pictures to bring are selfies with makeup, without makeup, and any online pictures that will give me an idea of your desired outcome. It’s also helpful if you bring the makeup you currently use for your everyday look so your colour choices and the consistency of your cosmetics can be reviewed. Your desired look is then balanced against best practices to avoid damaging any of the delicate tissues of your face.

Will I be pressured to purchase products I don’t want/need during your consultation?

If you have concerns, we can discuss any products offered here during your consultation upon your request. Aftercare packages are provided after all procedures, and your choice of a free sample or gift is included as a ‘thank you’. I’ll make a recommendation then based on your examination and concerns.

Why is there a consultation fee?

When choosing a provider, this is the least important factor to consider. Most providers – including myself – will apply your consultation fee towards your service. The most important aspects to consider are whether your provider understands what you would like to achieve, their professionalism, training, knowledge and techniques to be used. This also ensures that the time spent is dedicated entirely to you without the pressure and obligation to book a service.

Can I book a service without a consultation?

A consultation is included in your booking, and will be conducted before your service. The only services here that do not require a consultation are Yumi Lashes (lash lift and tint) and Yumi brows (brow lamination).

Will anyone else have access to my information?

No. Your private consultation is just that – private. We’ll meet in my studio at Sola Salons in downtown Oakville. This location has been chosen for its discretion, security, accessibility, cleanliness, and personal studio space, where potentially sensitive information like your health can be shared in a safe and secure setting. Or maybe you want to share something you find slightly embarrassing. Rest assured your personal information stops here, and is used solely to provide you with the best results possible.

I want some time to think about it. Do I have to book my service right away?

Sounds like you still have more questions! This is your chance to ask my anything on which you may need clarification. If you still need more time to process all this information, you are not required to book immediately. You may even have other consultations to attend before you make a final decision about which provider you prefer.
Ultimately, this is a team effort which requires mutual trust and respect. My goal is to create a space where you can share your thoughts, concerns, and feelings. The procedure itself will require your provider to enter your personal space in order to bring your vision to life, and requires both client and provider to be comfortable moving forward.
Hopefully this helps you with any questions you may have before booking a consultation or service here at Definition by Prameela. Please call, text or email at 905-330-9553 or prameela@defineyourself.ca to schedule your private and confidential consultation.
Located in a private studio in beautiful downtown Oakville in Sola Salons.


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