Permanent Makeup in Oakville: What you need to know

Permanent makeup, or cosmetic tattoos, refers to any procedure where pigment is implanted into the skin for aesthetic reasons. This could be a manual method such as microblading, or work with a machine for other brow types, a lip blush or eyeliner. Proper aftercare is necessary to ensure you get the most out of your investment, and the following five tips will help you achieve just that.

1. Wash your hands

Your skin is a barrier meant to keep germs out. Your skins’ outermost layer is the stratum corneum which is latin for ‘horny layer’. At its absolute simplest, this layer is composed of flattened skin cells embedded within lipids, much like a stone wall set with mortar. However, think of that wall being 15-20 layers deep, which would make it difficult for any random germ to get through. Pretty amazing to think about, and why your skin is such an effective barrier! But now, your procedure has compromised your skins’ ability to keep germs out. Any germs that may be on the surface of your hands that you’ve picked up are now going to go straight for those open areas. You’re more likely to do this during makeup application where you are already touching your face, or when we unconsciously touch our faces throughout the day.

2. Leave it alone

Stretching, picking, rubbing or scratching are all off limits! Your body already knows what to do. You will form scabs, which are the perfect human bandages. These will seal up your skin with an airtight barrier to protect vulnerable areas. They will fall off or dissolve WHEN THEY’RE READY. I know it can be tempting, but don’t rush them! And while you may not do it intentionally, it can still happen to the best of us.The following seemingly innocent incidents can happen: you want to look at your new design closely, and oops! You stretch the skin while leaning in to the mirror to get a closer look. Or you notice what looks like a flake and you use your nail to pick off what’s really a scab that wasn’t ready to fall off yet. Or maybe you rub your fingers or spoolie over the area and inadvertently rub or scratch in an effort to lay hairs flat or groom your brows. You will more than likely only see ’flakiness’, or that the new design seems to ‘disappear’, which are indicators of the scabbing process.

3. Keep it clean

This means closely following your aftercare instructions and schedule given to you by your artist. Clean gently but thoroughly, avoiding – you guessed it – stretching, picking rubbing, or scratching the skin. The best way to ensure cleanliness is by removing everything from bodily fluids and previously applied healing ointments or creams before reapplying fresh product.

4. Keep it dry

This is a tough one and not one that is 100% doable. Just do your best, and be aware that you want to keep the treated area as dry as possible. You may perspire, but avoid hot yoga or any other activity that makes you sweat heavily. Hot tubs, steam rooms, saunas, and pools are out until you finish healing. Keep your face out of direct spray in the shower and wash around the area carefully. If you do get wet, blot gently to remove any moisture. Much like kryptonite to Superman, water is the one thing that will weaken or even destroy scabs.

5. Be patient with your permanent makeup

You will experience some ups and downs during the healing process. Your new design will look lighter, darker, blurry, the skin may be slightly reddened or swollen. Just roll with it. Like I said, your body knows what to do, so trust the process. It will pass faster than you think! Routines put us on autopilot, so just try to be mindful of your actions during this critical time.

Permanent Makeup Oakville

So what is the BEST method of aftercare for Permanent Makeup?

The best method is the one that is simple, easy to follow, and results in a well-healed design.
If aftercare instructions are not followed, complications can arise. At best, nothing adverse will happen. However, that rarely happens. More often than not, improper aftercare causes complications such as loss of colour, patchiness, scarring, and even infection.

Here at Definition by Prameela, we want to ensure the best results possible for you whether it is for a permanent makeup treatment or any of our other services. Because of this, an entire aftercare kit is provided both at your initial appointment and at your touch up. Your kits will also include detailed instructions, which are simple and


 easy to follow.

Take the guesswork out of permanent makeup, and see a professional that provides for all your needs from start to finish. Call or text 905-330-9553 or prameela@defineyourself.cafor a private consultation in Sola Salons in downtown Oakville.

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