How Definition by Prameela can help you get ahead of the game with your custom lip design

Love colour on your lips but wish your lipstick would actually stay on your lips?

What about Lipstick?

Lipstick is nothing new… it’s been around for about 5000 years in one form or another. And while lipstick formulations have definitely improved in the years since its inception, the way we apply colour to the lips has not really changed. Lipstick has long been the way to achieve anything possible from a slight blush of colour to an exciting statement lip. Whether it’s the sexy red of Marilyn Monroe to the subversive black of Marilyn Manson, lips definitely have something to say!

However, almost every woman has left her lipstick in unwanted places. Stains on (sometimes ruined) clothing, smudges on teeth, smeared wineglasses, and transferred kisses can cause embarrassment and aggravation. When paired with feathering, fading, touch-ups, and reapplication, lipstick can be a frustrating and high maintenance option. Especially if you forget to put it in your bag before you leave the house!

Of course, you can always line your lips first with a pencil, blot, and set lipstick to reduce fade and transference. And now we also have many more options that are long lasting and claim to be ‘smudge-proof’, like tints and stains. While smudge proof lipsticks are truly a marvel of chemical engineering, they can be finicky to apply, may require a multi-step system to work correctly, and usually have their own removal products. Due to their formulations, these products can be extremely drying and may also stain your lips.


Eliminate Application Issues with Smudge-Proof Lips

Smudge-Proof Lips can help and even eliminate these application issues. This is not the permanent lip liner of years past, as pigments and tools have evolved to create the most natural look possible. And as everyone has a different desire when it comes to their lips, different applications are available.

Lip blushing, where colour is deposited evenly throughout the entire lip may be your wish, or you may want a blended lip liner that looks very natural. Or maybe you prefer a highly contoured and multidimensional lip. Your private consultation will provide you with a unique and customized design, where your reference pictures will be viewed and discussed. Different colours are tested where you might choose one or even multiple colours.

As we age, the outline of our lips becomes uneven. While your cupids’ bow and centre of your lower lip will still be defined, the edges will now be blurred and seem to disappear into your skin. A thorough understanding of lip anatomy and how the lip changes with age is carefully considered to create the illusion of fullness and youthfulness.

This minimally invasive procedure is an excellent option for those who are not yet ready or would prefer not to inject fillers. However, if you have fillers or would like to go ahead with injectables, this procedure is compatible. Your procedure will be performed in the most hygienic way possible, and you will have pain management options available should you choose. Your procedure will even out and create a uniformity of colour, define your lip shape, and create symmetry. And of course, you always have the option to add a different colour to your lips should you want a change.

Continuing to use ‘old’ technology to apply colour to your lips still works, but isn’t it time for an upgrade that fits your life better? Call or text 905-330-9553, or email for a consultation in downtown Oakville.

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