Why is everyone so obsessed with eyebrows?

While it might seem like browmania has seized the nation, eyebrow fashion has been around since ancient times. And not just in one place! Enhanced brows have been found in different cultures on different continents in completely different eras.

Egyptian hieroglyphs dated around 3500BC darkened their eyebrows for Horus, and aristocrats were rumoured to have them shaved off while in mourning for their cats. Grecian women circa 800BC coveted the unibrow for at least a couple of centuries. Japanese hikamayu in the 8th century were dark smudges high on the forehead to replace natural brows that had been removed. Time to join the insanity!

What can Bespoke Brows do for you?

Make you look younger – the contours of your face become lighter and less defined as you age, and eyebrows specifically shorten and lighten as you get older. Defining your brows is a simple way to bring back a more youthful look.

Enhance your communication skills – some studies show that 55% of your communication is body language, and current research suggests that eyebrows evolved to express more subtle emotions like recognition and sympathy. We may not realize it, but people are looking at your brows, and you’re looking at theirs too!

Identify you – A study done at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta shows you’re more likely to recognize a familiar face with the eyes blanked out than when their eyebrows are blanked out.

Maybe you’re hesitating because all of the brows you see look the same. Or maybe you’re finding all of the different types can be overwhelming. Not only do you want a look tailored to you, but you also want the opportunity to know what’s available to make the best possible decision. Enter Bespoke Brows.

How do you create Bespoke Brows?

First, the consultation. Before we begin, let’s get comfortable with a cup of coffee and a small bite… there are a lot questions during this information gathering session.

Current brow style – Do you have one? Are you looking for a change? What are you hoping to achieve? A natural look or a more dramatic brow? Please feel free to bring pictures of your ‘ideal’ brow. Your definition of good brow is integral to this process!

Lifestyle – your current routine has an impact on the look and longevity of your brows. Are you active? Do you use resurfacing products? Do you enjoy different makeup looks on everything BUT your brows?

Skin type – You’ve probably noticed that the skin on your face is different from the skin on the rest of your body. The anatomy of skin on you face even differs from area to area, so a quick examination will be performed.

Solution – Now that we’ve determined brow type, skin type, and lifestyle, we’ll discuss how your creative vision can become reality. We’ll go into detail about the tools and techniques needed for the longest lasting and best looking results possible.

Choosing pigment – Your skin tone, undertones, and current brow colour are all considered. These factors are essential as pigment is placed under the skin. Colour theory is used to choose the best pigment(s) for the application.

Location, location, location! – We’ve all seen brows that are redrawn too high, too wide or close together, or unevenly. So how do we determine the ‘right’ spot? Eyebrows are placed according to facial bone structure. The superciliary arch, also known as the brow ridge, will be located. This is the ideal place for your new eyebrows. Once location is determined, a tool is used to map out the new dimensions using the golden ratio. All designs are then modified on each eyebrow component to nail down the shape and style. Finally, a symmetry app will be used to come as close to perfection as possible.

Application – Once you approve your design, we can begin. Numbing cream is applied to ensure your comfort, and while you relax and wait for the numbing to take effect, I’ll be prepping for the procedure to move forward in the safest and most hygienic way possible. Numbing will also be applied during your procedure to keep you comfortable.

Once the first phase of your procedure is finished, you’ll receive your aftercare kit and we’ll book your touch up appointment approximately 4-8 weeks from your initial procedure. This time will be determined by how your skin reacts, and the time required for the pigment to settle. Your touch-up appointment is part of the process, and just as important as your initial appointment so you can achieve optimal results.

Choosing your eyebrows can be an exciting process and yield beautiful results. Make sure you’re also choosing a provider you trust and will collaborate with you to achieve your definition of beauty. Let’s speak further about your Bespoke Brows! Does this fit your definition of beauty? Please call, text or email 905-330-9553 or prameela@defineyourself.ca to book your private consultation in downtown Oakville.

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